[PYP]1年生フィールドワーク It was a successful trip!

On October 9th, the 1st grade visited Tsukuba Botanical Gardens for our fieldwork. 

Our goal was to observe plants in various ecosystems.

Due to the rain, we focused on the ecosystems in the greenhouses.   




In the greenhouses we were able to examine plants that grow in dry environments.

We could examine their thorns and succulent bodies.


Why do the plants have these things? 




We were able to examine trees and to look at the different kinds of bark

that they have on their trunks.  


Why do they have different types of bark?




We also examined the leaves of plants. 


Why are they shaped so differently?  




We had a very interesting trip to the Tsukuba Botanical Garden. 

We learned many things. 


We know a great deal more about the different forms plants take,

how they change based on their environment, and why they are the way they are.  


It was a successful trip!